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XAMPPadmin is a programm that makes xampp adminstration easy.Up to date,it can download&install xampp , start,stop and restart it and remove it.For now it runs only on command-line.A simple gui is probably going to be added on next versions.

XAMPPadmin uses the command sudo to get root rights.Distributions like Ubuntu and openSUSE use sudo out of the box so if you are running one of these distributions simply make executable and run from terminal

If you don't use sudo run XAMPPadmin as root: su and then python

The program runs from source code,so if you want to take a look open files with a text editor.XAMPPadmin is free software ; you may see the code,copy,change and redistribute it freely.

You can also find the latest source on github

Downloads (Old)

Download XAMPPadmin-v2

Download XAMPPadmin-v1

In case of problems,feel free to contact me on dr.george995 AT gmail DOT com